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  1. Oh yes, I can quite understand.
  2. Please don't class all 'English people' into this category. Many of us are well aware that he has a very successful career elsewhere.
  3. Yes, I agree... too much money for such a short gig.
  4. So presumably the only way of getting to the gig is to buy a ticket to the rugby match?
  5. kath

    What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    We have seen many changes on MFC over the years. I know that A, I am old and B, I have been here forever but I am more than happy with MFC. It has always been THE place to get every little but of Mika info and I would be very sad to see it go no matter how old fashioned it may be. It's a community.
  6. I hope you enjoyed the Hollies - fantastic! Absolutely, half the fun of any Mika gig is meeting up with old friends - and I love the fact that both you and I were at that gig in Oslo years ago.... but didn't know each other then! Yes, whenever Mika does preform in the UK he is always very well received by the audience and puts on a great show. It's just a shame that he doesn't do it more often. But I think, to be fair to him, he suffers from a lack of confidence regarding performing here.... it's a lot easier for him to perform in France and Italy. If there is a new album next year I don't think we can expect a huge amount of uk gigs but anything would be a bonus.
  7. Mika's image and presence ( or lack of) in the U.K. has always been a contentious issue. I think that the whole XF thing runs deep because it goes against the grain of all Mika's early opinions and values. I think that some of us feel that he has betrayed his roots and ideals. You are absolutely right that he gets no attention here now no matter how successful he is elsewhere. I can not blame him for pursuing his career where he is able to but some of us here in the U.K. do feel let down and abandoned. I realise that there are many other countries that he doesn't do anything in either but he was originally a U.K. artist..... and we were very proud of him. But I remember as we walked to The Palladium ( can't believe that was only last year! ) you were telling us of a negative comment from a member of the public regarding Mika's upcoming performance. Unfortunately there is a lot of that sort of attitude here.
  8. It's the 'Blast from the past' type references that are going to make it even more difficult to bear, plus that fact that in the U.K. even amongst people who used to watch and enjoy XF it's pretty much had its day. Therefore anyone coming into it at this stage appears to be grasping at straws. I'm not trying to be a party pooper- it IS good to see Mika get U.K. exposure but personally I am happier with him airing his expertise on shows like The Art of Song on the radio.
  9. Yes, that just about seals it doesn't it.
  10. It's always a treat to see Mika on U.K. TV but I have lived in dread of the day that he would be on this dreadful programme.
  11. kath


    Thanks Deb. That's lovely.
  12. kath


    That was lovely that she called you Deb even if it was brief. I am relieved to hear that Mika has heard the news. The way in which he responds is of course entirely up to him. I, like many of you, am very aware that Mika was fond of David and appreciated his love and dedication.
  13. kath


    Lovely write up Rose
  14. kath


    In my opinion I think it would be ok. What do you think Rose? What does anyone else think? It's fairly common here in the U.K. And I think really it's just a case of people feeling that a lot of flowers is maybe a waste when the money could be better spent by the chosen charity. But of course, you may get a reply from the family.
  15. kath


    What a lovely idea Anne.