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T-Mobile Street Gig Album Launch @ Berkeley Square, London, 05/02/07


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Decided to post my review in the proper thread:


The T-Mobile gig was really something! There were circus performers, Brazilian dancers, a (s**t) local opening band (a group of kids from Kentish Town I believe is what the host said) who played 50s style swing and a Johnny Cash cover, magicians, toffee apples, cotton candy, huge lollipops, caramel corn and OPEN BAR (but there was only beer, soft drinks and vodka mixers).


The atmosphere was really festive. But I thought there were waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many opening acts. The first one was the kiddy band, then the dancers, then this couple from Las Vegas who stood on top each other (lol...that's what they did...), then there was Tumbelina who did some gymnastics with two cloths, then magic tricks...and then FINALLY Mika came on at around 10-ish and played a proper 10-song set:



Love Today

Billy Brown

Everybody's Talking

Big Girl

My Interpretation

Over My Shoulder

Stuck In The Middle

Grace Kelly





I'm so glad that I got to see him here at the T-Mobile gig cause I did not get tickets to the Koko show. I made a new friend at the show too who was just as much of a Mika stalker as I am, lol.

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Oh I forgot to add that The Feeling (although I did not see Ciaran nor Kevin), Sophie Ellis-Bextor (who came with Richard from The Feeling, since they are, of course, married) and Oliver James (D-List movie star...starred opposite Hilary Duff in "Raise Your Voice") were there too. I'm sure there were more celebs there too, but I do not know many of the British journalist/dj ones because I am Canadian!

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