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  1. There were these two annoying Italian people behind me who were PUSHING me from behind throughout the performance...then when Mika finished, they pushed ahead in front of me and my friend. THEN they left the second queue to join the end of the first queue because they could not wait an extra 10 minutes to meet Mika...and THEN when they got their autographs, they looked back at us in the second queue and gloated. I wanted to throw my CD at them.
  2. He was also wearing a lego window as a necklace, lol.
  3. Hey I know who you are now! You were standing to my left and beside my friend! Who was it that offered you into the after party??? I wanted to get into that!
  4. Hey hey, who were you? I was right at the front, stage left as well!
  5. Tonight's setlist is essentially the same as the Berkeley Square gig, but the song order was shuffled, "Ring Ring" included and "Everybody's Talkin'" taken out. Berkeley Square Setlist: Relax Love Today Billy Brown Everybody's Talkin' Big Girl My Interpretation Over My Shoulder Stuck In The Middle Grace Kelly Lollipop Koko Setlist: Relax Intro Relax Love Today My Interpretation Big Girl Billy Brown Over My Shoulder Ring Ring Stuck In The Middle Grace Kelly Lollipop
  6. Okay, so yeah he really didn't play "Everybody's Talkin'" like I had thought. Well, to be fair, he only has one album from which to perform songs from, so it's going to be a little on the short side, but I did not feel it was short at all...it's quality that counts, not quantity! I was so thoroughly absorbed for the duration of his set that I did not even notice that it was only 40 mins (was it really only 40 mins? It seemed longer?). Plus he prolly cut out "Everybody's Talkin'" because he was still recovering. I think we should cut Mika a bit of slack.
  7. He played "Ring Ring" too! Here is the setlist: Relax Intro Relax Love Today My Interpretation Big Girl Billy Brown Over My Shoulder Ring Ring (Everybody's Talkin') -- it's on the setlist, but I don't remember him performing it...can someone confirm? Stuck In The Middle Grace Kelly Encore: Lollipop
  8. I saw Perez walk backstage with a whole crowd of people...not sure who they were, but they did not look like the average casual fan. "Over My Shoulder" was sung with the same arrangement as at the Big Top gig at Berkeley Square. He was accompanied by two of his high school friends -- a female cellist and a male singer. A LOT of people were talking during this song...it's a quiet song, and you could here a roar of chatter in the crowd when Mika was performing it. I found that very rude of the crowd.
  9. OMG, that gig was fcukin' ACE. Amazing, packed crowd, confetti, giant balloons, lollipops, monkeys, lollipop girls and PEREZ HILTON (*vomits*)!
  10. That's amazing to have both his album and single at #01 concurrently. He outsold Bloc Party even...not a small feat! I'm very proud and it's well deserved.
  11. They got the setlist wrong. They left out "My Interpretation".
  12. Yeah, when I insert the disc, it opens the splash page, I click on the link to a registration site. It already has all my details entered in for me (creepy) and then when I submit it, it brings me to the Billy Brown screen. There is this java box on the right hand side where I am assuming is where the videos are supposed to appear in? But mine dies after a minute or two and it turns in to a red X. Then nothing happens, so I closed it. No videos were seen. No acoustic versions were heard. Help please!
  13. Okay I'm gonna be honest here. I sent some of the songs to my friends and they said that "it sucked". Then when I played it to another he said "that's really really poppy".
  14. Oh I forgot to add that The Feeling (although I did not see Ciaran nor Kevin), Sophie Ellis-Bextor (who came with Richard from The Feeling, since they are, of course, married) and Oliver James (D-List movie star...starred opposite Hilary Duff in "Raise Your Voice") were there too. I'm sure there were more celebs there too, but I do not know many of the British journalist/dj ones because I am Canadian!
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