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I am confused.


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I remember my Dad saying the same thing about Rock Music when I was my age. At the time, I barely understood English.


MIKA is a real class act, considering someone of his talent could be a real primadona. He's just a down to earth regular people kinda guy...


I would say that MIKA does for music what Payton Manning does for Football!

And any American football fans out there will know what I mean.

Hasta entonces,


-Marcos de Ninguna Parte

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What is all the fuss? I don't understand any of the lyrics.


Well, I guess musical taste is very personal thing! I personally don't understand the point of SlipKnot for example. Maybe Mika is not for you, he said himself he's a bit like Marmite, you either love him or hate him. We all adore him and his lyrics, that's why we're here :biggrin2:

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Marmite... tee hee


I hate marmite... :naughty:


And yes music is a personal tase thing. I don't "understand" rap etc... and a whole lot of stuff, and my friends who like that kinda stuff don't understand what I like. Esp. the more diverse stuff like the Incredible String Band.


It does make me question, however why you joined a fan club site if you don't like Mika's music?:blink:

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