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album release date in US


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alright i just did a search to find it..



and it's march 27!! nooo! this is according to an arcticle posted by CW:


"Most recently the talented singer/songwriter topped the prestigious BBC Sound of Music Poll for 2007, which has anointed previously-unknown superstars such as 50 Cent, Keane and Corinne Bailey Rae. His much anticipated album is due in-stores in the U.S. on March 27"



ahhh we have to wait sooo long!! :( ohh i wish i was a millionare so i could just fly to europe and pick up a copy of my own... haha

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are you serious! oh no!!!

we have to wait almost 2 more months!?!!


at least we can listen to some of it online and stuff... but still! aahhh

its probably because they want to get him on the radio and stuff and on MTV more between now and then

does anyone want to pick me up a copy and send it to me??



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ooh! okay! that gives me hope! but i mean $25. that is a LOT for a cd. jeez. i dunno if ill just wait till march because.. usually cds are between $10 and $15 and i usually refuse to buy cds unless they are used cds for under $10 at newbury comics (obviously this is an exception) but wow that is a lot of money .. well see!!!

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