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...Is it true?


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I have added this performance to the events calendar. RSVP if you are going to the concert, then you can see who else is going.


Ho aggiunto queste prestazioni al calendario di eventi. RSVP se state andando al concerto, quindi a voi può vedere chi altrimenti sta andando.

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:wink2: thak you for your italian!!!!!!great effort!!!!:thumb_yello: ...but "RSVP"...what does it mean???:roftl: I know you translated everything except that...and that's the only thing I couldn' understand...:naughty:

but...i'm quite sure to go to that concert, i'm only waitin' to buy tickets, because i'm trying to convince all my friends to come with me!!!!:punk:

I'm sure it'll be a gorgeous concert!!!!!!!:blush-anim-cl:

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