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Mika in San Francisco?? HELP!


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I just read a MySpace posting from Mika that he is in a hotel room in San Francisco. I live in San Francisco. Does anyone know if he is performing someplace here???


Or perhaps he's just here on a vacation, which would be completely understandable.


However, if anyone knows if he's appearing anywhere - I can't seem to get the Mika Secret Society link to work - I would GREATLY appreciate any info. Thanks much.



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Following up. Just received a message on MySpace from Luke Juby. What a guy! He said that Mika is here in the states doing radio/promo events - not actual concerts or performances.


What a relief! I was prepared to start scouting the streets, looking for a venue where he might be doing a secret show. Guess I'll be waiting awhile for his official US Tour.


Thanks again.



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