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  1. Jemma just called me too with the same dates... The band all came out to speak with them all and take pics (bless)
  2. Hey everyone... At the moment I have 1 spare standing ticket for tonight at Hammersmith up for grabs.... I am going myself so can collect from me later on! Am waiting to see if Christine and her crew want it, but they have not come back to me yet.....PM me if you want it.... priced at what I paid (including fees etc)
  3. Hello.. just a heads up.. I may have 1 spare ticket for Monday 3rd @ Hammersmith - tbc soon... If anyone is interested please PM me and I will let you know asap if it becomes available. Mei
  4. Hey Guys In case you havent seen my post on the Spare Ticket Thread I have 7 tickets left for Brixton on 2nd (3 standing and 4 seated) PM me if you need them Mei
  5. There is so much going on here!! I couldn't keep up! Having a poke around Lookforward to seeing fellow MFCers at Hammersmith!
  6. Am I too late to join this? I've been AWOL from the forum abit.. (sorry) but would love to support this x
  7. LOL! Sorry! Your wife went AWOL for a bit.. been preoccupied with other things I see everything is giong swell here... !
  8. Wont make it to Sundays gig afterall! So thought I would give priority to you dear Mika Fans.. I have 4 standing and 4 seated tickets available I'm only looking to cover costs of original purchase. PM me for more details, I don't check the forums much these days (how is everyone? x). Mei
  9. Wow this thread is long... I've not been active on the forum for a while..been busy with other gigs.... so am a bit out of the loop. Was at Somerset House yesterday as a sexy pirate wench... saw Jules n kev at the front of the queue asw ell as Jemmalee, babs and others I was a bit further back this time as had to wait for friends who were arriving later (there would have been no chance them getting up front with us!) Great going for those that stuck around to see mika afterwards.. i was shattered! So made my way back to my car shortly asfter they started to turf eveyrone out! Gig was awesome, though was dissappointed that there weren't more people dressed up!! Great to see some of you again!
  10. Great Pics.. thanks for posting..I was quite far at the back this time... so hope you don't mind me stealing a couple for my facebook
  11. No no... I got email from Endemol to thank us for participating and offered me 2 tickets for the show.. I didnt reply with Babs phone details until last night. by which was too late to send the phone details off.. but the girl at Endemol said to just give her the names and they would go straght on the guestlist
  12. Babs is on the guestlist.. as I missed the deadline to get back to Endemol with phone details... so Babs is lucky to have won more tix!... Wish I was going now
  13. Dont forget the gig will be filmed for channel 4!!!! We might see you on TV!!!
  14. I hope it was the fairest way!...I was really worried about how I would decide who got them!! Babs.. what are you going to dress up as!!?
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