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mika in a classical album


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OMG !!! guess what i just found by searching "academy of music penniman" on google ?




it's a website where you can buy a classical cd ...........Here it is :




1. The Pilgrim's progress (130:32)

Composer Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872 - 1958)

Conductor Richard Hickox

Performer Gidon Saks (Bass)

Pamela Helen Stephen (Mezzo Soprano)

Adrian Thompson (Tenor)

Roderick Williams (Baritone)

Francis Egerton (Tenor)

Mark Padmore (Tenor)

Gerald Finley (Baritone - Pilgrim)

Peter Coleman-Wright (Baritone - John Bunyan)

Jeremy White (Bass - Evangelist)

Donaldson Bell (Baritone)

Richard Coxon (Tenor)

Rebecca Evans (Soprano)

Jonathan Fisher (Baritone)

Neil Gillespie (Tenor)

Susan Gritton (Soprano)

Robert Hayward (Baritone)

John Kerr (Tenor)

Christopher Keyte (Bass Baritone)

Anne-Marie Owens (Mezzo Soprano)

Mica Penniman (Voice)

Genre 20th Century Period / Opera

Date Written 1949/1952

Ensemble Royal Opera House Covent Garden Chorus

Period 20th Century

Language English

Country England

Recording Studio

Venue Colosseum, Watford, England

Recording Date 11/1997



NO WAY !!!! lol !!!


It's not a coincidence, i'm sure it's him ... ^___^ that's funny, isn't it ?

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My sister tells me I'm crazy because I care too much of Mika !!

I think she's right :blush-anim-cl:

however I also found it on the web :


"Children" for boy soprano and orchestra Lutoslawski Radio Concert Hall in Warsaw (1998) performed by The Polish Radio Orchestra, Mica Penniman (boy soprano),Zsolt Hamar (conductor)


the website is : http://www.musiciansgallery.com/start/composers/fujikura(dai).html


I'm definitely crazy ... of mika ! :mf_lustslow: :mf_lustslow: :mf_lustslow:

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