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  1. Oh... My... Goodness.



  2. yeah he was so terribly cute ... even my father loved him ( !!! ) don't worry, i guess it will soon be on dailymotion or on youtube !)
  3. MIKA ON FRENCH TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on tf1 !! and there was an interview and also there was the filming of his meeting with the french fans !! GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. wahoo ... i've just seen the report of olivia !! it's really an amazing experience !! the best part being of course that you had a drink with the entire staff ... simply wahoo ... post the pics !! ( and by the way werchter was really great... I only wish i could have been in paris and in werchter at the same time so that i could have enjoyed both !! mais je me rattraperai au zenith !! )
  5. welcome on board ! please fasten your seatbealts and be ready for landing ! tu parles un peu français non ?
  6. state of the union -- douglas Kennedy. ( french title : les charmes discrets de la vie conjugale)
  7. If Mika knew me he would instantly fall in love with me
  8. eh eh don't worry, if you've got no place to sleep you can sleep in the car too !! then we'll be at least 5 in a twingo i'm sure it will be really comfortable !!
  9. thanks for the info ... i wonder if i don't book for the camping, there will be no place left for me when i arrive on the 19/07 ? well i guess i'll just have to sleep in the car !!
  10. cath, this report is absolutely great !! thanks so much for sharing !! you must have had a really great night then !! i wish i had been with you ... but i had to go home early because of an exam ... nice pictures too !
  11. lol okay i think i understand better !! then i'll vote for him too ...
  12. i didn't know the bac also existed in romania ! i thought it was typic french !
  13. i'm prepared ! i wait for it with impatience !
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