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Atlanta Valentine's Day Performance?

Cautionary Wife

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This may just be a gossip item.


I picked up a snip on Google.


"WZGC 92.9 FM

Join DAVE FM for a special Valentine’s performance with MIKA"


The URL for the station is http://www.z93.com and they have a LISTEN LIVE webstream.


I have written to the station because I can't find any mention on their page - so it could be something that Google is just hanging onto and maybe has been cancelled, as there is no note of any performance in the station calendar on there.


Well Mike is in Atlanta on 14th, so....


20.00 EST would be 1am Thursday in the UK.


Anyone got any information?




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It seems so odd that Mika HQ is not giving out info about radio performances for us to listen to live - and get the stations visitors.


Rather pathetic to have the official mySpace Blog today (Tuedsay) of Saturday's Maida Vale radio broadcast. Far too much after the fact. Is someone sleeping?


We need to know about things BEFORE they happen.


(That was a RANT !! - in case not obvious)



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