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Kinda review...


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It's for my school's little paper. I fell in love with Mika like, a day before the deadline for articles was due so I whipped this out.


So yeah, Life in Cartoon Motion Review by me...


British pop star Mika jumped to the top of the UK singles list barely two weeks after the release of the single ‘Grace Kelly.’ The artist admits the song is directed to a record company who wanted him to play by the current pop standards. Mika, the stage name for Beirut born Mica Penniman, is far from the standards. His debut album released in the UK on February 5th (US release is scheduled to be March 27th), Life in Cartoon Motion is, in the artist’s own words, ‘psychotic.’ While he’s been related to musicians such as the Scissor Sisters and Queen’s Freddie Mercury, his album holds roots to the Japanese electro-pop music of Cornelius (‘Relax, Take it easy’) to playful, child-like songs that will remind you of old-school Disney (‘Lollipop’).

Even more startling than the clashing of different genres is Mika’s voice. Some tracks, such as ‘Ring Ring’ are as ambiguous as the 23 year old musician himself, who possesses a five-octave vocal range. The singer-songwriter is also responsible, along with one of his sisters, for the color cartoons in the album’s cover art.

Nonetheless, Life in Cartoon Motion, Mika describes on his Myspace, is a coming-of-age story. The artist, born in Beirut, left for Paris as violence broke out, and moved again to London. Mika mentions in many interviews the horrific bullying he faced, which caused him to leave school for several months, during which he started performing in the theatre and began composing his own songs. He admits that many of his songs are just a politer way of expressing his feelings to people, yet at the same time, teaches great values (‘Big Girl (You are Beautiful)’), and, more importantly, expresses his own, true feelings

Overall, Life in Cartoon Motion offers great potential for Mika, who’s already been named one of the best artists of 2007. The toe-tapping, catchy melodies will definitely provide Mika with a ‘Happy Ending’.

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great review- really interesting description for those who don't know abt him yet.


ps: why is it that everyone doesn't just "like" Mika, but has to fall in love with his music?! the same thing happened with me...i don't just like his songs; i LOVE them. haha :P

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