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  1. Today is a very sad day for the state of Maine here in the USA... Gay marraige was once again banned.
  2. Well that's different... like at bars and clubs and... that's a different situation Like in every day life, you don't go up to someone with a wedding band and be like 'hey, who are you married to?'
  3. >.< I didn't even realize it. I just copied/pasted from teh interwebz since I'm lazy
  4. I'm curious too, but like, people don't go around asking who you're significant other is, do they?
  5. If this has been discussed, feel free to move/lock this, I just don't have the time to sift through pages and pages of discussion >.< Did anyone realize how overall depressing most of the songs are? I was going to say that some are obvious, but in spite of their peppy tune and all, so many songs are like, heartbreak (by the time, dr john, pick up off the floor), losing your way (Goodgone girl), etc Like in One foot boy: MY OH MY I think my mind is gone I'm left here wondering Was I crazy all along? What do I do? Nothing left but pray Gonna shoot somebody Help me drive this craziness away I’m happy on my own We are golden, the bridge Now I'm sitting alone And I'm looking for help Left here on my own I'm gonna hurt myself Many years have gone by But I'm wondering why I ever let the world, let it bleed me dry Are some examples of the darkness that comes out of this album. Is this maybe what Mika means by 'the boy who knew too much'? Thoughts, opinions? Should this be closed since it's discussed elsewhere (if so point me, I have further thoughts...)
  6. I'm verry whatever when it comes to love, sexuality, whatever. I'm not picky, I'm damn greedy xD. Why pick one when you can have both. I keep my options open.
  7. You spin my head right round, right round, when you go down, when you go down down
  8. The new album is called "Of the Blue Colour of the sky." Twilight fans will recognize "Shooting the moon" and 90210 has a song called "I want you so bad I can't breathe" on the new soundtrack and Banana republic has released "Skyscrapers" They're live shows are awesome Jen
  9. i put most of my good stuff on myspace- i mainly shoot for local bands, but I do a lot of animal photography as well http://www.myspace.com/newclearrainphoto BTW PhotoJenic: My current camera is a good quality P&S. They do run slower, but sometimes when you're either A. short like me, or B. bad venues and you're climbing on stuff to get a shot, they zoom well. Unless there's flash and you're closer, dark shots don't turn out as well. But if you know your camera, like I do, you can get decent photos that just need a little touch up (which I need a better program for... would love editing program recommendations) I've talked to many photographers, one of them has even shot some photos of Iman and other important politicians at events, and we were talking about how the camera itself for the most part doesn't matter, but the quality of the image itself. Nice cameras do, of course, help. I have a friend who's a 'professional' photographer, but she has no passion to her photography. She does it for the money and just uses her fast camera to take lots of shots and might get a couple of good ones out of 500+ depending on the band
  10. They have a new album coming out and it has some mika-esque tones
  11. My pics from the show Wish I'd brought my better camera, hence the not so good quality http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2024435&id=1220820044&l=4022b02dfb http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2024438&id=1220820044&l=06e23dcf49 Not in order, starts in the middle of the second one, on to the first and back to the second album I love friends too...
  12. Check out her videos on youtube. She has one from Mika and Perez Hilton in LA handing out ice cream and stuff.
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