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An album review for our Dutch Members!


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And here it is:


Mika: Life in Cartoon Motion


In Great-Britain you couldn’t keep Mika out of the media with a baseball bat. Even the tabloids have pressed him to their hearts, because the 23-year-old Londoner becoming a star, is such a foregone conclusion that no self respecting bookkeeper would take bets on it.


Mika, trained as a classical musician, makes eccentric pop that links Queen’s bombast to Robbie Williams’ personality. The mand listened well to Prince and Scissor Sisters and as a child must have had a poster of the Bee Gees in his bedrooom. Add to that a predilection for theater and musicals and the directions lead you directly to Gay Village.


Mika is one of those artists that dare to make themselves look completely ridiculous for their art. Listen to the delicious 'Grace Kelly' or the hilariously ambiguous 'Lollipop' and the carnavalesque kitsch of Debby & Nancy [belgian TV show - G] springs to mind. This is feelgood music, glittery suits and feathers on the ass included. The songs are funny, where necessary heavily orchestrated, and like the cover they bathe in vibrant colours.


'Relax, Take It Easy' starts with a pianotune that seems plucked straight out of a Commodores record and elsewhere a ballad appears that invokes the spirit of a young Elton John. 'Billy Brown', about a man who leaves his wife for another man, will be a hit, and definitely not the only one off this album. Life In Cartoon Motion is a cd that saves the funfactor in pop music from a certain death.

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