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Mika and Perez Hilton


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what do we think?


Perez had been promoting Mika ALOT on his site. I've been trying to remember, and I believe the first time I heard about Mika, it may have been on Perez's site. Also I heard about Paolo Nutini thru his site and now loving him as well.


He normally makes fun of celebs and can be quite derogetory, but he's been nothing but supportive and admiring of Mika





Today just saw another feature on him, it's an adorable pic of Mika, check it out :)



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Absoulutley there are some people without taste and there always will be.

Thanks for the link I've finally heard his cover of Hips don't lie :) his laugh is brilliant, really infectious and there were some great pictures.

Perez has said lovley things :) but I'm confused who is Parez exactly??

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