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How can I be sure my MIKA tickets are genuine?


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Hi. I bought my tickets off ebay for the Mancester Academy gig on 27th Feb. (I know, I know, but I couldn't get them any other way & was desperate to go to gig!!).

Anyway, the tickets have arrived today from a 100% seller with a 5 year history. The only thing that concerns me is that the tickets are orange, but others I've seen on e bay are blue. Also mine are numbered in the 800 range, whereas info on the net says capacity of Academy 2 is 800.

Can anyone reassure me. Thanks

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Thanks. They have got the Manchester Academy over the tear strip & look like they've come straight from the academy rather than TM which would explain the colour. I've since seen some others on e bay that are orange too.

I'm getting v confused over the never ending change of venue though - maybe I'll just ring up on the day!

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