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  1. Hi folks... Count me out of Leeds....something's come up ....really sorry Tia, but thank you for the offer...
  2. obviously not my dear....well you're ok if you hold the right opinions ..how's it go, all fans are equal but some fans are more equal than others ....
  3. thanks Gill, wonder if you'll get a nice patronising reply too....
  4. I think that's a tad egotistical..... all you did was start a thread ....this board isn't just about you dear,and what you like or don't, it's about lots of people...all with different tastes and personalities...but surely that's the beauty of the 'net? And what makes message boards interesting ..if you don't like one thing/conversation ..away you go to another ..no big deal. Frankly, what I saw last night was disgusting and bullying of the highest order,and to think you all claim to love a man who was once bullied himself but ..I've said my piece and that's that, I don't hold grudges, but I shall no longer be around here ..I'll check in for news and such but that's all.
  5. I have one ....Mr. Mika ...why did you call the Scissor sisters "mediocre"......
  6. I shall up date all claimage ....am ever alert for rustling...and Freddie ..do you know you've claimed cheese about 3 times And to celebrate my getting tix for the Eds mini tour ..a pic of glorious musical hus-band ..Tom Smith...
  7. I think yoppapopp claimed medicine but didn't specifiy ...so you have medication and I'll have painkillers ...
  8. I've been to lots and lots of aftershow parties....
  9. Roger and Darren are fine....Mika is forum husband (thus belongs to us all although you can claim bits of him ) and which Freddie are you talking about ?
  10. Well if I ever get a spare £3000-4000 I shall go down to Devon ..and say to Hugh Manson...."you sir ...a Mirror Manson if you please...and yes I do know Matt Bellamy ..well his cousin anyway ...so make me one now!!! "
  11. one of my guitar husbands......what I wouldn't give to have my hands on one of these ....
  12. nice thread! I've been going to gigs since I was 13..my first gig was Queen in 1974 at the Free Trade Hall manchester. Since then I've been to literally 100's of them averaging, over the past 20 or so years around 30-40 per year I also travel far and wide ...many times going to Europe and even the US and Canada if something takes my fancy This year I have lined up (apart from Mika) Muse in Luxembourg in May, both Muse Wembley dates in june,hopefully going to the Oxegen festival in Ireland ..probably Vital festival too, I also hope to go to Verona, again to see Muse, in July . No doubt I'll be going to see other stuff too as dates for various gigs/tours get announced !
  13. I claim Torchwood ..Dr.Who (all) and Teh Barrowman!
  14. Well Freddie claimed vampires generically and Blade but didn't specify ..so by rules ...you can have the above!
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