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Question 'bout LiCM


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There is this song called "Ring Ring" (which i guess you've all heard of..)

Is this song on every copy of Life in Cartoon Motion? Or only on the UK version? :tears:

Is there a chance I might get it on my copy if I buy the album in the Netherlands??

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The easy answer is: CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY!


Actually, I don't think the Dutch version has Ring Ring on it, but there are plenty of good stores that will get you the UK one. And if you shop around you may find one that does it at little or no extra cost.


I have very good experiences with Velvet (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Delft). I just call the local branch, they order whatever I'm looking for and call me back when it arrives, which is usually within a few days.

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