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Future music from Mika


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What do you think we can expect from Mika in the future?


I know his first album just came out so it's a little premature to talk about, but I was thinking about it the other day and his potential for growth really struck me. I completely love LICM, but he's on 23, and even though he is enormously talented at the moment, he's bound to only get better: vocally, in writing songs, and in his showmanship.

You can definately tell LICM was written by a young artist, as it's a bit immature at times. Not that thats a bad thing, at all. Its alot of fun, but I have to say, a couple of the songs are a bit one dimensional for me.

So while his 2nd album may be just as bubbly and fun, I think he might tend to go in some deeper directions, and really branch out. I'm really excited to hear what he will do next.

Anybody know if he's commented on this so far in interviews? What does everybody think his next album will be like?

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I hope he will try out everything so over his life we will get music we love, adore and want to marry and music with 'love anyway' because it is his music and we love him...It will all be important in the big picture of MIKA!! :wub2:

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