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Mika in the sun


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February 24, 2007


MIKA fans were queuing around the block for their No1 star’s show.


The singer’s popularity has soared since his sugarsweet pop album Life In Cartoon Motion went to the top of the charts.


And he is one of the rare acts who sounds better live than on his record.


It was touch and go whether the camp artist would even make the gig after cancelling a concert on Tuesday with flu.


But he battled through with the support of the adoring audience.


Wearing a Freddie Krueger hoodie, the Grace Kelly ace had the crowd singing along from the start.


As the temperature soared at Camden’s Koko club he bounced between the piano and centre stage with his mop of SHIRLEY TEMPLE curls bobbing, belting out the ultra-catchy Relax, Take It Easy and Lollipop.


He behaved like a true star after the show too — heading off for pint with celebrity fan BRIAN MAY.





Brian May posted about the Koko show on his site later, urging people to try and catch a Mika gig, with a fab picture that he took himself from the balcony, and DESTOP SIZES !!!




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