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Dublin meet up Thursday 1st March


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Anyone going to the Dublin gig on Thursday know a good place to meet up. I don't know any places near the venue, and if anyone does we could all get together there, and as I'll be on my own, it would be nice to go in with some friendly faces.

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It is with a heavy heart and extremely light purse, that I have to report that I have to drop out of going to the gig on Thursday. Due to some unforseen bills and the fact that no matter what I have to keep my van mobile for work, the trip to Dublin is unfortunately a no go.:emot-sad:

I am pretty gutted as I have been looking forward to this for weeks, but the pitfalls of being your own boss, with not much work on at the moment (although I have been assured by one customer that next month I'll be working my behind off) and having to wait for payments going through the system and general bills on top, not much cash left to go and play.

So I guess I'll just have to wait until May and Birmingham, at least with that show I can get a run up to the general area.

To all of you going Thursday, have a great time, I'll be thinking about you.:sad:

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