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Live In Spirit (Press Release)

Cautionary Wife

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MCD (press release), Ireland

MIKA Live in Spirit 1 March 2007

27 Feb 07


Take a light sprinkle of Freddie Mercury. Add a dash of Beck. Mix with a drop of Prince, a pinch of Bolan, stir well eh voila! Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Mika. His debut single Grace Kelly will be released on Jan 26th and is already a firm favourite on radio request lists across the country! He is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion, which will be out in early March.


22 year old virtuoso Mika (pronounced 'Meeka') is the sort of goose-bump-brilliant star that British pop is in desperate need of right now. A songwriter, performer, producer and orchestrator, his tunes combine a heady euphoric rush with darker unexpected elements: daytime melodramas and night-time tales of love, loss, abandonment, hope and happiness.


Mika has a stunning, you-wouldn't-believe-it life story (born in Beirut, grew up in the war, a father held hostage in an embassy in Kuwait, self-imposed exile in Paris before settling in London) and you have the first chapter in a story that is destined to keep us enthralled for the foreseeable future.


Debonair, with a touch of degenerate dandy, Mika works the finest Amadeus haircut this side of the 18th Century Salzburg. His single also comes with some brilliant artwork created by Mika himself which can be seen in more detail on his website.


Speaking of his up-coming concerts Mika says: "I can't wait to get playing live. It's where it all comes together for me. You change things, because you have to, it's a different dynamic. I'm looking forward to that. I often get stressed when recording, as it's so full of decision making. You're constantly editing and deciding what should/can stay on the song for ever. I'm looking forward to undoing that in my live sets, and going places where I wouldn't necessarily go on the record!"


Tickets are 25.70 including booking fee and are available for purchase through the following options:

In person at Spirit box office or Ticketmaster venues nationwide

Online: www.ticketmaster.ie

By phone 0818 719 300




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thanks for finding that treasure, they are so much more positive in Ireland, the write-up is imaginative and creative, they build you up , not knock you down!

(I know I have a very negative view of the British Press!) Prove me wrong, please!

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I've always found the Irish press a more interesting read than the English press, they have a much better way of putting things across, more constructive than destructive, even when they are putting the boot in.

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I know I've delivered quite an outspoken view on the Mika subject over the past few days but is is only that I had to listen to so much unintelligent rubbish from people, the press and DJs, that it dawned upon me that most write, review or talk about Mika without taking time to understand and reading up...or actually listening to his music properly, makes me wonder how on earth the Beatles managed to convince the Brits that they needed to be listened to...(maybe it was easier then as society was less cynical and did not label !)

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