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Hi from NY


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Hey everyone...thanks for the warm welcomes!! Yep...i'm going to the NY gig. I am so excited. I would never have known about it if i didnt pop on the forum. I dont know why they werent advertising about it. March 29th cant come soon enough. That's my sister's and brother-in-law's birthday but oh well LMAO!! Sorry but i can celebrate their birthday another day...Not sure when i'll be able to get tickets for Mika again...and the tickets were dirt cheap too :)

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Mika! What a great guy....love him to bits :wub2:

I was working one morning and "Grace Kelly" came on.... I was like....WOWOWOWOWOOWOW:punk: .....started dancing along and just fell in love with the song strate away....

So of course...me running to the music store to get the CD...sold out . i just went loopy! :shocked: went through some people and got the CD within a week...:punk:


Listend the hole thing and just.....:shocked: how can someone sing like that, its great!!! and usually with albums i don't like the thing that 3 songs are good, ok, but the rest


With MIKA.....best, best, best Album I've ever heard.....

And my boyfriend loves it as well.....


One of my big favourites is "Relax"

Funny thing was, i heard that song weeks befor "grace Kelly"....and just...love it, its one of those songs...if you sad, you wanna cry with it. If you're happy, just sing along and let you mind go...... But I had no idea at that moment, who is Mika or that "Relax" is his song


And when I heard "Relax" on the CD......my heart was stolen! :mf_lustslow:



Love Mika.....

And if you're a fan....... well done:thumb_yello:



Devoted Fan

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