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interview on a franch radio


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I have just listening an interview of Mika on a french radio (Le Mouv').

You can download it here: http://radiofrance-podcast.net/podcast/rss_10254.xml


To sum up it briefly, he says that it is important for him to write an album on his life.

He does not like those who wait 5 or 10 years in order to write their album. Therefore he had fixed two years to create his album.

In this album, he tells what he has lived from his childhood to now: his joys, his sadder moments.

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I don't know if that is the problem but : when you click on the link, a window appears where you have to click on another link to actually listen to the interview... It's down the page. Had you seen it and it didn't work ? or is it the problem ?

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