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Article on MontrealConcerts.com... and a possible Mika appearance at Osheaga ?


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[FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Here's an article I just found on [url]www.montrealconcerts.com[/url]... it mentions he might come back to Montréal in september for the Osheaga festival !!! It's in french, translation coming up soon...[/COLOR][/FONT]

Club Soda, mars 2007

Mika doit sûrement vous être familier à l'heure qu'il est. Son tube Grace Kelly, tiré de son premier album, Life In Cartoon Motion, n'a cessé d'être joué en boucle sur les ondes durant les dernières semaines. Il n'est donc pas étonnant que ce chanteur pop de 23 ans, né à Beyrouth mais établi à Londres (notez qu'il parle également très bien le français), ait réussi à remplir le Club Soda hier soir dans le cadre d'un concert court - en déça d'une heure, rappel inclus - mais énergique et très apprécié des fans, qui auraient sûrement pris davantage de leur Mica Penniman (c'est son vrai nom).

Sympathique, charismatique aussi, le chanteur et pianiste a livré la plupart des plages de son cédé: Relax (Take It Easy), Billy Brown, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), Stuck In The Middle, Lollipop, l'excellente Love Today, qui va fort probablement être lancée en single et, bien sûr, Grace Kelly. Ambiance festive - avec ballons et barbe à papa par-dessus le marché! - et musique pop sucrée que les Scissor Sisters ou même Robbie Williams n'auraient pas reniée ont fait en sorte que tout le monde a passé un bon moment. Rencontré dans sa loge après sa prestation, Mika était tout sourire, révélant par erreur qu'il sera de la deuxième édition du festival Osheaga, en septembre prochain. On aurait dû en profiter pour demander à David Desrosiers, qui se trouvait en coulisses avec nous, si Simple Plan fera également partie du fameux festival cette année.

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So here's the translation ! I'll soon be the official french / english translator of this site !


Mika must sound familiar to you at this time. His hit single, Grace Kelly, from his debut album Life In Cartoon Motion, has been played over and over again on the radio during the last weeks. So it's no surprise that this 23 years old pop singer, born in Beirut but living in London (note that he also speaks french perfectly), managed to fill the Club Soda last night for a very short concert - less than one hour, including the encore - but full of energy and much appreciated by the fans, who would have certainly like to get a little more of their Mica Penniman (that's his real name).


Very nice, charismatic as well, the singer and piano player delivered almost all the tracks from his cd : Relax (Take It Easy), Billy Brown, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), Stuck In The Middle, Lollipop, the excellent Love Today, which will probably be released as a single and, of course, Grace Kelly. Festive ambiance - with balloons and coton candy to add to it! - and sweet candy like pop music that the Scissor Sister or even Robbie Williams wouldn't deny made it so that everyone had a good time. While meeting with him in his dressing room after his performance, Mika was all smiles, revealing by mistake that he will take part in the second edition of the Osheaga festival next september. We should've asked David Desrosiers, who was backstage with us, if Simple Plan will also be a part of the famous festival this year.

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More info on the Osheaga Festival :





(Edit) --> (if you click on the top left corner you can have the english version of the website...)


Last year I wanted to go but I don't remember why I ended up not going... if he comes this year I definitely HAVE to go !!!

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