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Mika does Los Angeles


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No, It hasn't been posted!

Whaaaa! What a cool face expression he has in the pic!! :naughty:




silvarga said:

On one hand he's really, really cute. I totally expected him to look like the lead singer from "the Darkness"... I want to like him but...


On the other hand, I listened to his album a few weeks ago and I love the music but not the singer. I think his falsetto is weak and too contrived for him to put out an entire album sounding like that. His lyrics are awful and his allusion to sounding like Freddie Mercury surely leaves our mustachioed unitard-loving hero rolling in his grave.


I just don't get that Silvagra!! :blink:

Is she alright?? :blink:


Thanks for postin this, Kriszti!! :wink2:

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