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ROMA, I need you!!!


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Hello, you all!!!

I'm writing to all fans in Rome, Italy!!!

I'm from Bulgaria and for my 20 birthday i decided to go to Rome with some friends... so I want to ask you, if we have travelers here, to help me with some things.... it will be fine if someone tell me where is the cheapest place for sleeping in Rome, because I will not sleep there, I need only place where to put my clothes and where to take a shower... so I don't need something special......

if we have true travelers here, it will be great.... because the best offer it will be if someone of you can home us :))) you know....

so that's it.... thanks....

i will departure on 20 avril.... we are 2 men... the others gonna search other offers for hostel or something...

we gonna be there for 2 nights and 3 days...

so if someone can help.... to write....

may mail is pav_penev@yahoo.com....


if you cant home us please just give me some information about Rome and the prices and places... THANKz:thumb_yello:


P.S. how many cost the fast train from Rome to Milano (to go and to back).... and how much time is the trip to Milano

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