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Mika Implies Grace Kelly's Subject Is Cowell


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Pop sensation MIKA has fuelled speculation his debut single GRACE KELLY was written about music mogul SIMON COWELL. Mika struggled to get a record deal and was rejected until he was signed in a collaboration deal between Universal Motown and Island. He recently revealed he was snubbed by Cowell, before landing a record deal. Since then his career has taken off, with a UK number one debut single and debut album LIFE IN CARTOON MOTION. Since Grace Kelly topped the charts, it has been rumoured the song is a veiled attack on Cowell, with the lyrics "Why don't you like me, why don't you like me without making me try?" Mika refused to confirm the rumours, but hints, "He said my songs weren't very good and I wasn't a songwriter." A Universal source adds, "No one knows for sure who the track is about; however there has been a rumour for a while it is Simon Cowell." Cowell, on being questioned about the meeting with Mika, says, "Do you know what, I don't even remember meeting him."


10/04/2007 18:12



:doh: :doh: haha...!

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