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MIKA..already missing you from TORONTO

Guest Lion Tamer

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Guest Lion Tamer

When are you coming back?


I know you have to spread your love all over the world and I can only imagine how tired you are...its amazing how you can still stay so gracious and sweet to all your adoring fans that meet you (ie. Robertina in Italy, etc).


I know its supposed to be about your music, but you must realize your charm and appeal is so much more than your voice and songwriting. Your honesty, and your attractive personality comes through in all your interviews and in your interaction with your fans.


So I know Toronto Canada is not as nearly as exotic and beautiful as some of the places you've been, but remember that you were immediately topping our Canadian charts from early on! WE LOVE YOU!


I keep watching and reading about you, but its just not enough. Ok, so I'm just a little obsessed. Did you know that I've bought 2 copies of your album - one to keep in safekeeping (since you autographed it) and the other I lend to everyone I know, to spread the MIKAlove?


I promise that if and when you come back to Toronto, I won't hurt you (i'll keep my whip at home). I'm LION TAMER (hee hee):blush-anim-cl:

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