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  1. I don't think it was too little, it was a nice message. But probably a bit too late.
  2. Come on the night of the Old Wimmins was in the UK too! I agree about the setlist. It is just too same-old for me to go to multiple shows now. It's not even the greatest hits I object to, but he favours these mid-tempo songs with low energy/low emotion that were not even hits. I know it's hyper criticism on my part because plenty of other artists are not wowing me every single moment of their concert either, but I have just seen too many Mika shows to feel satisfied with so much "downtime" during a gig. It must have been nice to hear Rain and WAG and OMS though. And I would really love to see Any Other World again in London one day, with a live string section.
  3. This is exactly what gigs were like in Toronto when I was a teenager. As soon as the lights went down you could rush to the front so as long as you were seated in the first 10 or 15 rows you had no trouble being front row. Security is really strict now though and they give you a hard time if you even stand 6 inches into the aisle, away from your seat. A lot of big artists now have special stage arrangements where if you are in the pit I don't think you'd really have to queue or worry about coming or going because there is no "front". But those are expensive and hard to come by tickets. Totally agree with you about the new era, the slick show, etc. and how things must change. I find it too boring to inspire travelling to far flung destinations as well but this did seem like a much better setlist and energy than the October show. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And thanks everyone for the pics. I caught some of the show on a periscope of a Chinese stream so it wasn't very clear and it's nice to see some sharp pics and vids.
  4. Christine

    Mika @ Palladium, London, UK -- 05 June 2016

    Don't you need to be a member to get access? It's not expensive but looks like you need a Chinese bank account...? Are there any Chinese speakers here who are planning to watch?
  5. Christine

    Mika to be judge at X-factor Italia 2016?

    Mika has never been more distracted by rubbish. Would love to hear the product of him being locked away for months instead of something he wrote in 15 minutes on the flight between Milan and Paris. I think he could also use some real time to live his life so he has something to write about besides how difficult it was to be a teenager.
  6. This is a showcase by his record company, not a regular gig. I don't know why Mika keeps telling people about this "invitation" thing. Maybe it applies to some countries like Russia or applies to music festivals, but in the UK and NA especially artists have booking agents whose job it is to arrange a tour for them. I am sure no one "invited" him to play the Palladium in London for example. He has multiple promoters when he does a North American tour so someone on Mika's end is coordinating it and not vice versa.
  7. Christine

    Tour Rumours 2016

    He played the same venue in 2008. I thought they had reduced the setup so it was around 12,000 people or so, not sure if I remember correctly. This happened in Toronto with Adele as well a few years ago. They put the stage closer to the centre (instead of at one end) and put curtains behind to block off all the empty seats, so it is more intimate. I don't know about Montreal but in Toronto we only have one or two venues that hold more than 3,000 people but less than 20,000 and they are only open in the summer because they are outdoors. So if an artist needed 10,000 seats in October for example, they would reconfigure one of the sports arenas to make it the right size.
  8. That is my sense. I bet they didn't even listen to the show. On the topic of the show I finally finished listening to it and enjoyed it much more than his last guest spot on Radio 2. Sir Duke and September are two of my favourite all time songs. Tears Dry On Their Own is my favourite Amy Winehouse. There is something so bittersweet about it, like a reflection on her life and career. I don't like Paul Simon but Mrs. Robinson was great. Love love George Ezra. Saw him in the summer courtesy of Jimmy Sims who plays bass for him. He's so refreshingly different. That Tobias Jr. guy makes me want to slit my wrists with his horrible songs. When We Were Young is the only Adele song I absolutely cannot stand. But Mika did a good job with the cover. I am not crazy about some of the dated song choices like the Carpenters but most of these older songs have held up over the years and I still listen to them regularly. I guess American Pie falls into the dated category but it's always been one of my favs. Other favs in later years like George Michael and Seal. It's like Mika went through my old record collection.
  9. But surely there are plenty of people moaning about how XF winners' songs are crap too. Do they even play that stuff on Radio 2? If they do then maybe Mika's 40 year old playlist is not the right show for that station after all since people listening to top 40 generally are not listening to Earth, Wind & Fire and The Carpenters.
  10. I call things rubbish all the time, including some of Mika's songs if I'm honest! If you want to see some truly rude comments look at my Youtube videos. People would get banned from MFC for the things they say on there. This is what people do on the internet outside of this MFC bubble. Because it's BBC2, not the Mika show. I'm sure they just turned on their radio and had no idea what they were in for. Hopefully he pleasantly surprised some as well.
  11. Their tax dollars fund the BBC and they are entitled to have a say in what they like and don't like about the programming. The BBC Facebook page is not Mika's wall. It's not there for people to praise him. It seems like there is a balance of opinions to me so no harm done. I am sure one person or another will comment on every single thing they air as being rubbish so they are not going to take a handful of comments as a public outcry against having Mika on their station. There were people who said Grace Kelly was rubbish (and worse) but it didn't stop the song from being #1.
  12. Some people just don't like Mika's voice. Just like The Weeknd makes me want to punch a wall every time I hear his whiny voice and repetitive songs. People have different tastes. Rubbish (and not rubbish) is in the ear of the beholder. This is what you'll see occasionally you peek out into the real world, away from the "Mika is the most amazing artist ever" echo chamber.
  13. It sounds like people are just venting over some radio presenters getting sacked. Don't worry about it. I'm listening to it now and it's great.
  14. Christine

    La voix quebec on 27 March, 2016

    I liked the medley, especially Grace Kelly. Anyone know why he's going to Mexico? I thought the EMD wasn't too bad, especially the verses. It kind of loses the energy of the chorus though which is the whole appeal of the song.