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How early should you think ....


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i should get to HMV where Mika is performing on the 24th april @ 6.00pm Oxford st....:shocked:


I hope i don't get a chance to miss out on seeing him....Lucky for me i have a day off then :punk:


Is it the 1st 500 people that get through or something...i've never been to store signings so i ain't got a clue but this is Mika and i ain't missing any opportunity LOL....:naughty:

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im popping down early to do some shopping first then gonna find somewhere close to sit and watch and have a coffee and start queuing as soon as the first ppl. start!!! i want to be near the front!!!:thumb_yello:

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Last time, everybody could be in i guess... My sister went a few minutes before and she got in, not far away from the stage... But it was for LICM launching so he wasn't that big. And he had to leave, the signing was cancelled... Hope they didn't plan anything for him after this one !! :naughty:

You should check with HMV if there is a wristband system (there wasn't last time)...

For the time you should get there, i guess 2 to 3 hours before could be interesting...

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