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A Story About Mika


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I used to do this at school, (it was obvious i was paying attention) My friend and i would write a story about something. I would write one sentence, she would write the next until we had pages and pages of a really funny story. What makes it good is that every person changes the story a bit by their sentence and makes it turn out completely different to what anyone wanted but you still love it.



- Only one sentence at a time for the story.

- You cannot post two sentences in a row. you have to wait for someone else to add a sentence first.


... thats all i can think off. Oh, and make sure you put your sentence in bold so it stands out from the comments.


Have Fun!!!



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Lets begin, shall we?


One sunny day, Mika was walking down the street and he saw a poster for a "MFC Reunion" for members from all over the world, he decided to give them the ultimate surprise and drop in...

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