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A Little Help, Please?


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Hello Everyone!

I guess I should introduce myself real quick, here.

I'm Jessica (aka Yoda)... born and raised in South Eastern

Louisiana (USA)... but I spend part of my time living in Northern

California. I'm nineteen years old (although, most days it feels

like ninety-one). And... I'm sort of a new Mika fan. :)

(Any questions - feel free to ask.)


I'm wondering: Is there more to this video >> http://youtube.com/watch?v=yFvAfIg3RKU


I also found this picture, which is what makes me think there might be

more to it.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If there IS more to it, please let me know where I can find it? :)




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Hi Yoda, welcome to the MFC! Have a seat. Coffee? Your really should feel comfy because it could easily be possible that your stay at the MFC will last for quite some time :biggrin2: (depends on the degree of your obsession :wink2: )


There is not really so much more about the confessions video (which is my very favourite BTW, and I have seen many Mika vids :roftl: ) and the picture. It was all taken/recorded during a (kinda) private party. That's all I know. :wink2:

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Thank you so much Titania and Violet Sky for your help!

I'm a little disappointed to find that there aren't more pictures,

nor more to the video. But, hey, if it was a "kind of private party"...

I guess we should be grateful that we even got to see that much

from it! :biggrin2:


Also - big thanks to both of you for the warm welcome!! :blush-anim-cl:

I appreciate it! This sure is a MUCH nicer forum than some others I've

visited (for other singers, bands, etc). Nicer folks here!


Talk to you all soon.


Now, it's time to go to bed (it's 3:14am here - yikes!) :wink2:




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Hi Yoda, welcome!!!



This is one of many pics that were taken of guests that attended the Bal Masque, which Nick Knight, the famous British photographer, threw to mark the occasion of being the recipient of the Moët and Chandon Fashion Tribute 2006. The 'confessional' was sort of one of the evenings entertainments.... lots of people made them.... this one was tranferred to youtube because of the interest in Mika (:wink2: ) after many people here could not access the official site from their computers. this is their site :http://www.showstudio.com/projects/balmasque/


your pic is on this page :http://www.showstudio.com/projects/balmasque/gallery/


the confessions: http://www.showstudio.com/projects/balmasque/confessions/

I've never seen that gallery before! What a stunning event! Such gorgeous photos!


Aside from the delicious one of Mika in the feathery diamante mask, I adore this one taken by Clive Booth:




Thank you!

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