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MIKA albums around the world


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Just curious... because everyone here is from around the globe and all... How does Life in Cartoon Motion album cover looks like in your country? Any different designs or different track listings?


I live in Indonesia, the album is already out about a month ago... or so (can't remember) but I didn't get the indonesian version because the "design team" decided to slab this very ugly logo across the artsy cover (I'M IN LOVE WITH Life in Cartoon Motion cover) that says "Special Indonesian Edition" :thumbdown: .



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The tracklisting of the album is almost the same here in Hong Kong,

just miss out Ring Ring

Lukily we do not get the "special Hong Kong Edition" words on the cover!

most of the hong kong versions of universal artists' albums do get that and I hate that

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In Norway, LICM was #1 4 weeks, week 14-18

Last week it was #3, #2 was Travis's while #1 was Björk's.

This week LICM is #2!!! :D

while Travis dropped to #5 and Björk is now in #9 XDD

Im sure next week, Linkin Park is going down!!! wooot!



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