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to happikali: this is something you said about my thread: happikali: Perhaps you could tell us about YOUR self... as you are new here on the forum ? ?! Usually ppl introduce themselves before asking questions or posting threads about Mika's family . Sorry, I'm just being a bit Mika protective ... no offense to you.




this is the thread i wrote:http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4767&highlight=is+this+mikas+sister



well i`m introducing myself to you happikali and everyone in this forum , i`m a female from argentina, i`m 19 years old, my name is veronica , i`m a psychology student , well i hope it`s enough to you... nice to meet you happikali :biggrin2:

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Welcome, nice to have you here. :wink2:

Actually there is a special section for the introduction threads, but nevermind.


Please understand that Mika's private life and all issues related to it, like family and friends, and above all private pictures of them posted in here is a very sensible topic on which some ppl in this forum (including me LOL) may react a little allergically.

You could not know that and I'm sure there was not bad intention behind your question but only interest.


So have a pleasant stay here in the MFC :punk:

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