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  1. Abercrombie

    MIKA back to #2 in Canadian Album Charts

    It's funny how a couple of months ago, I had MIKA in my other message boards' (trancaddict for example) avatar, and everyone was whoTF? I don't get that much anymore, and I get ppl start asking about my meeting and concert experience now!
  2. Moderator has to approve it. The last one I posted took 3 days to appear. After that delay, I just host my picture on imageshack or whatnot, and paste the image, or link to it if it's too large to post full-size here.
  3. Abercrombie

    oh yes he is, oh no he's not...mika ,say hello

  4. p.s. "une gueule d'enfer", LOL
  5. Alors, bienvenue à notre babillard. Il y a beaucoup de membres de partout dans le monde ici, et beaucoup parlent plus d'une langue comme vous et moi, particulièrement en Europe. Je vous accueilli ainsi encore, et l'anglais aidera à partager vos expériences et pensées au sujet de Mika plus de personnes sur ce babillard, ainsi je devine que vous "examinez les eaux". Bien à vous, AJ
  6. good point... don't know about your side of the big pond (if it's just a Canadian-only mag). We do have stores here like Chapters, who carries FHM and other British magazines, so I'd guess I'd try a similar store if you have one.
  7. Abercrombie

    Mika @ the Mod Club in Toronto thread March 21, 2007

    IC 256, enough I guess...it can record as long as it has memory and a zoom.
  8. Abercrombie

    Mika @ the Mod Club in Toronto thread March 21, 2007

    Youtube has its limitations... however, you can post longer and larger glips on google video.
  9. Abercrombie

    Mika @ the Mod Club in Toronto thread March 21, 2007

    oh, it just came to me... this thread is 5 pages long and not one soul has brough up his ass-shaking he did in the first 20 min. Does this jog your memories?
  10. my pleasure ... funny the other day I was reading the mag on the subway, and ppl were staring. I'm such a tease!
  11. Abercrombie

    Teddy bear's picnic?

    Yeah, she was right in front/next to me with her digicam much better than my phone version. Here's the (longer) clip I took : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjCeq9CCECc
  12. Abercrombie

    oh yes he is, oh no he's not...mika ,say hello

    Moderators on this board can tell pretty well if he does. Mods (is there only one?) on a vbulletin board can track IP addresses from each logon. They can check if one user logs into thie board from different IP addresses (which can be easily seen as country of login), therefore an indication of someone who travels. If those changing IPs correspond to to the cities he's currently touring in, you can pretty much bet you got either he or his crew.
  13. Abercrombie

    new song! but name...?

    Yeah, She was standing right front/next to me, and a helluva better camera. I took my shot with my phone. (damn batteries)
  14. This is the advance copy I got on Tuesday at the Inside Entertainment Mika party. From one of the execs there, her name was Sheree (sp?), she said it's being released out today, but will def, find them everywhere by Monday. AJ