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  1. Most famous painting of the French Revolution! If the album is dull, I'll sue them for using it!
  2. But it's far from the center... And there's nothing to do or see around this place... My advice as you're saying more than one day is to book an hotel in the center, but yes it's gonna be more expensive but way more practical
  3. Well it's really up to you, depending on if you're staying a few days or no. Bastille is a busy district and is well centered, people love it... Don't know if it's cheaper somewhere else but if you can book for the one in Bastille, it's good then Look on the map : http://www.ibishotel.com/gb/reservation/liste_hotels.shtml the Parc Des Princes is in the south west, next to St Cloud & Boulogne Billancourt... The thing is, there is nothing around to see, that's why it's better to go to the center!
  4. The capacity of the Parc Des Princes for a concert is 50 000 people My piece of advice would be to be as close to the stage as you can otherwise there will be a gap between the sound you hear and what you watch on the screens... I went to see the Red Hot 4 years ago and i didn't enjoy it because of this! I saw Muse last June and i was close to the stage so it was fine
  5. A few tickets are still available on fnac.com but it will be sold out in a matter of days... though they may inject some new tix...
  6. No, don't go to Brussels(except if you want to travel with Nikki as Fouchonneret said lol), it's way longer, because RyanAir Airport is at Charleroi not Brussels, so you'll have to take the bus to central charleroi, then the train to Brussels (16€ return) and then the Thalys to Paris which is quite expensive (1h25)... And it's way easier to go to Beauvais.
  7. The concert is sold out on Ticketnet.fr and on Fnac.com you have some left... Tell me what you don't get here! Stephane French Ps: for the person asking about beauvais, it's fine, don't go to Brussels it's a bad idea... Once ur in Beauvais, take a coach to central Paris (1h30 journey) and it's like 13€ one way... http://www.aeroportbeauvais.com/index.php?lang=eng For cheap accom, try youth hostel (http://www.hostelworld.com/hostels/Paris) or ibis hotels more expensive but good http://www.ibishotel.com/gb/home/index.shtml The tube station for the Parc Des Princes is : Porte de St Cloud (Line 9) and it's in South West Paris
  8. De toute manière ils seront annulés pour un bleu sur la cuisse droite Je passais par là, je vous fais un coucou (Em', Pamette et les autres), en esperant que tout le monde va bien et que vous étiez pas trop décus pour les concerts de Londres :'( Stéphane qui aime toujours les messages de Yop lol
  9. I think it's going to fast... He is not even used to big arenas than he is doing a stadium... though it could be the only time where he could play a stadium
  10. Leona Lewis is n°1 in New Zeland this week... I told you, massive international hits on the way She entered the Swiss Charts at N°7, she is currently 4 in Denmark & Sweden Yes back at 11 BUT Leona is still N°1 with huge sells, she took the 2nd spot of Mika for the best selling album of the year and she may finish N°1 ahead of Amy...Poor Mika so close... 2007 Best Selling Singles 1 1 Leona Lewis Bleeding love 719586 2 2 Rihanna feat Jay Z Umbrella 494315 3 3 Mika Grace Kelly 484300 2007 Best Selling Albums 1 1 Amy Winehouse - Back To Black : 1 431 969 in 50 weeks 2 3 Leona Lewis - Spirit 1 147 040 in 5 weeks 3 2 Mika - Life In Cartoon Motion 1 038 689 in 45 weeks
  11. and in France he's not far as well from the million mark which is very rare in France those last years especially in a year's time!
  12. Not anymore, Official single charts : Bulgaria: 34- Cyprus: 7-6- (Airplays) Denmark: 4- Ireland: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Norway: 5 New Zeland: 3 Poland: 39- (Airplays) Roumania: 57-48 UK: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-EC Slovenia: 4-1-EC (Airplays) Sweden: 7-4 It's only the beginning, and on Itunes : BLEEDING LOVE Australia: #28 Denmark: #1 Spain: #25 Finland: #22 Greece: #6 Ireland: #3 Luxembourg: #5 New-Zealand: #1 Norway: #11 Austria: #25 Switzerland: #2 Sweden: #3 UK: #5 For the US, next year... So she has started to get successful as well in Europe & Oceania such as Mika! I actually like Bleeding Love, I thought it was lame at the begining but the song grew on me very fast... The album is fine, not brillant, just ok... She did write some songs on her album. But at the end I wish Mika was ahead of her because yes his music is kinda new & fresh... But Mika did have a huge promo as well...
  13. By the end of the week, Mika will have sold more than a million copies of LICM in the UK... Unfortunetly, Leona Lewis will take the 2nd spot of the Best Selling Album of 2007 (behind Amy) and Mika will be then 3rd. Best Selling Albums of the Year so far 1 Back to Black – Amy Winehouse 1,362,228 2 Life in Cartoon Motion - Mika 981,000 3 Spirit - Leona Lewis 918,536 4 Beautiful World – Take That 836,595 5 Favourite Worst Nightmare - Arctic Monkeys 596,720 Best Selling Singles of the year so far 1 Leona Lewis Bleeding love 691842 2 Rihanna feat Jay Z Umbrella 490290 3 Mika Grace Kelly 483230 4 Proclaimers ft Brian Potter and Andy Pipkin (I'm gonna be) 500 miles 333600 5 Timbaland feat D.O.E. and Keri Hilson The way I are 321130
  14. PERFORMANCE 1) The best Mika's video? Grace Kelly 2) The song you prefer in his concert? Love Today THIS PARTICULAR SONG 3) The song that puts you in a good mood? Love Today 4) The song you can listen again and again till doomsday? Happy Ending 5) The song that corresponds with your life? Grace Kelly IN FUTURE 6) The theme that you would like Mika deals with? don't care 7) What song (of another artist) you would like Mika sings? Some Scissor Sisters songs 8) With who he should have a duo? Moby
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