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  1. I understood that Michael Gregorio, a famous imitator would sing. I'm not sure about that.
  2. It's not over. Don't stop watching. There's always a second part in about half an hour.
  3. It's good he knows it is. Congratulations! I can't wait to watch it. I hope Alessandra Sublet, the host, will do a good job. She's really great.
  4. Happy Birthday !!!



  5. Mmm... I don't like the video. On You Tube, many of them don't like it too. Some people love it, some don't.
  6. That sounds strange, like a French guy who's trying to sing in English without knowing the lyrics. I like the lyrics.
  7. Yes. That's insane to write an article about that Who cares except us? I found it very funny.
  8. In an interview, he talked about a trip he did in China when he was very young and he said something in French (i don't remember what). He explained it in English to the journalists and said he spoke in French with his mum. So, it means that when he was in France, even his family spoke to him in French. When they left France, the family started to speak to him in English. That's why, sometimes, he makes mistakes. A 8 year old French boy makes a lot of mistakes because they didn't learn the rules. Don't expect him to know the rules. And we all know that now, he doesn't speak in French anym
  9. http://www.sudpresse.be/regions/huy_waremme/2011-07-12/elle-croise-mika-dans-un-sauna-887169.shtml Ardentes: une Hutoise s'est retrouvée dans le sauna avec Mika! Combien d'entre nous rêvent de rencontrer une star? Peu en ont l'occasion, et encore moins dans un sauna. Et pourtant. Dimanche dernier, alors qu'elle passe un moment de détente avec ses amies au château des thermes de Chaudfontaine, Marjorie a rencontré la récente tête d'affiche du festival Les Ardentes: le célèbre Mika. Loïc Dechène Publié le 12/07 à 09h39 “ Quand je suis rentrée, j'ai voulu effectuer un rituel,
  10. Of course, there's a difference between his singing in French and in English. It's not the same language. It's like Céline Dion. She sounds different when she sings in English. I can tell you that the singing doesn't sound weird for French people. If i say, "i found his singing weird when he sings in English", how would you react? That's the point. And i agree with Macboll. Every French makes mistakes because French language is a hard language to learn even for French people. That doesn't mean that we sound weird. I agree with every word Suzie wrote.
  11. + 1 Mika has never sounded British or American or Mexican when he speaks French. He makes some mistakes when he speaks but his accent is perfect. Some people thinks he's French. He sings the song like a French man would do. Don't ask him to be more French than the French. Trust me. We don't say that to be nice with him. In Compiègne, he made a big mistake in French ("il faut que je fais" instead of "il faut que je fasse") and the audience (and i) corrected him saying "fasse". He heard it.
  12. Merci beaucoup ! ありがとうございます!


    I'm glad to be your friend.:huglove:


    Are you "nochickentonight" of YouTube ?

    I'm "0ckj" "0ckjj" "mikad6" of YouTube. Did you know about me? :teehee:


    Thanks lot for uploading !!!!!!

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