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  1. I thought Steven Fry did a documentary on people who suffered from Manic Depression not OCD? I could be wrong. I do know that quite a few people with aspergers and autism suffer from OCD- but other than that, thats where my knowledge on the subject ends!
  2. Well, who knows? Its not for us to say anyway. If he is good for him and if not well, i'm sure it wont be long before he is_ a good looking strapping lad like that! As its Valentines day- I wonder if he got many cards? I bet he did! Happy Valentines Day Mika! :wub2:
  3. I'm quite a lazy doubting thomas of a novelist- writing and then going back and destroying everything and starting again. i don't know about you but i find i get stuck easily so end up writing a short story or two to keep my creativity flowing. The thing i've been working on for about 16 months is a kids novel- sometimes its great sometmes i hate it!
  4. My username is my actual name- well its Andrew but Andy if you know me. i'm 30 in April (eek!), I'm a library assistant in Caerleon and St Julians in Newport, South Wales but live not far from Chepstow, at the moment. My partner Nick and i will be moving to Cardiff after my birthday hopefully if all goes well. I need a new job actually as branch libraries are either really quiet and dull with nothing do or stupidly stressful filled with obnoxious chavvy kids causing bother and treating the staff like poo! (can you tell what kind of day I've had?!) I aspire to be a novelist and so in my spare time I'm clattering away at my keyboard- often writing but more often than not trawling through this bulletin board and the one on the rufus wainwright official website. Before Rufus I was never into music as such. i listened to the radio and owned a few cds but never really went through that whole teenage crush/obsession thing- now it seems i'm catching up with that! I've seen rufus 3 times and his sister martha only the once but still she was awesome in barfly in cardiff. I don't like concerts with crowds of people all moshing about as i get really freaked out by the sheer volume of people so intimate gigs like the rufus ones where everyone is seated suits me! Going to London for my 30th to see Phantom of the opera- as you do- and also to catch up with some old mates from uni. I did film and tv studies with creative writing at Bolton, what seems like centuries ago (graduated 1999) and I agree with lozwinter that it is hard....... Although not to discourage you, i wish i could think what to do with my degree! LIKES: old films with bette davis, audrey hepburn, carrey grant, jimmy stewart. Universal monster pictures especially bride of frankenstein. Adore reading- sometimes i wish i could stop time and just read everything and not worry about eating, going to work etc! So many books so little time. I love the Addams family and the world of charles addams, in fact i love anything quirky and different and often slightly macabre. Enjoys being grumpy- but am not a grumpy person as such. I make Mary Poppins look like Rose West. I like new obsessions: Mika, opera(!) the work of edward gorey etc etc! DISLIKES: far too many to mention all of them- a few though: Inconsiderate and rude people, the music of Phil Collins, U2 and simply red- ugh! Hangovers, working til all hours for a pittance......... I think I've gone on too much... never mind!
  5. Fantastic news about the number one but were any of us really surprised?! I KNEW he would go straight in at number 1! I just caught the end of the album chart show on radio 2 and heard about a minute of love today, which i so weird as I was going to put that on on the cd player but changed my mind at the last minute.... spooky! Good luck to the fella in the USA, hope they like him as much as we do. It s quite a meteoric rise isn't it?!
  6. Whats wrong with that?! I'm often donning a pinafore dress and wedge heels and trolling down the woods to hang out and pick up something that lives in a sett!
  7. That was awful and if anything the comments posted below it were far worse. i think it was written and commetned on by people who think themselves so cool because they listen to crappy indie rock bands no one has heard of that all sound and look the same and never wash, wear clean clothes or smile. i stopped reading music reviews and buying music magazines when i was a teenager. i was never cool or could understand why it was fine to go for bands that were so drab and depressing yet something kitsch was always considered the lowest common denominator. I think these people should pull their heads out of their backsides and go and do something they are good at- like kicking puppies or something- because I bet thats the sort of people they are: weak nerdy wannabes with so much pent up anger they attack something harmless and fun! There are far worse crimes to the ears out there, but then again they are all so deaf from listening to guitars being ripped apart by greasy haired, monosyllabic, melancholic monkeys that I'm surprised they even managed to take notice of Mika- maybe it was the colours. Not enough washed out black and erm..black. *takes deep breath* rant over- sorry!
  8. Oh yeah! It has to be something like that- frosted lucky charms or ricicles even! I'm a rice krispies man myself.
  9. I was looking for somthing else and purely by coincidence found this: http://uk.music.yahoo.com/promo-31208241-163-20061009- There's a nice cover of "everybody's talking and a nice short interview. For those of you trying to work out shoe size- quite a lot of close ups of his shoes! Enjoy- I know I did
  10. Fair enough, I think we've all been suitably admonished. Sorry Emma. Now.... What breakfast cereal DOES he eat?!
  11. Ok- can i finally put the last nail in the coffin lid of this discussion and lay it to rest once and for all- It may be intriguing to speculate but the only person who actually knows is Mika himself and its entirely his choice what to reveal to the public about his life. His sexuality is his own business and no one elses... Now enough! Lets specualte on something far more interesting like his shoe size or what breakfast cereal he favours..... yawn!
  12. Its hardly definitive is it?! As evidence that article wouldn't make it to court! Its his business and i understand why ppl want to know as they may harbour desperate fantasies about celebs and need to know if they stand a chance and have the right plumbing etc....
  13. Oh wow! Looks like he's either having great fun or is terrified and trying to hide it by grinning! Yes I'd like to know where that was and whether they are mad fans or if its a promo event type thing.
  14. HA HA! Fabulous! I love the lyric about diet coke and a pizza please- it makes me smile. How many of us have been guilty of that self deluding thing wherby you negate the hugely fatty content of one food stuff because you happen to be drinking diet coke and that makes it ok?! Drinking diet coke does not make you thin! Ask my cousins- its all they drink and they are BIIIIIIG!!!
  15. I hate Mondays but today was all the more wonderful. i didnt have to be in work til ten so was home when the postie pushed a very welcome parcel into my erm... slot (cough cough no pun intended.) I then had to leg it upstiars and find my ancient portable cd walkman to accompany me on the bus and the journey flew by thanks to Mika! I'm loving it. I have to say it has the same energy and fun of scissor sisters debut album and some poignancy in songs like any other world, happy ending. I can't stop humming love today, relax or lollipop. I prefer the acoustic love today. THeres a familiarity to this album that is somehow cosy and reassuring- for example relax- take it easy sounds very much like euro pop from the eighties and I swear i've heard my interpretation somewhere else. I love the artwork- it looks like Dewack used acrylic paints or similar and i thought they were all pen. As has been said before shame there wasn't a poster or somthing included like the special addition version of "Tadah" and i'm probably being greedy but i wish there were more special features. I thought Mika said somewhere about there being a cartoon of lollipop girl and billy brown- a kind of cartoon soap opera. i thought maybe it would be on the disc. Apparently not. Does anyone know about this? Sunny? CW? Anyway this is going to be permanently in my cd player for the next few weeks! By the way critics arent worth listening to- they arent buying the album after all- they get copies free and its so much easier to bitch then say something positive.
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