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  1. Hi Joe! i was the one that met you in the lift and sent you to the party lol!! glad you had fun! was lovely to meet you. xxxx
  2. i wish i could go there but unfortunatly i'll still be at university on placement! boo hoo oh no Jennie you must be gutted! so near!
  3. i am deffo going to complain, we did nothing wrong at all. My letter is going to the students union asap.
  4. i got in yes after crying my eyes out for about an hour, i was upset for the others, wasn't even going to go in but phoned Andi and she told me to, was upset that they were picking on us and i was freezing! We got to the union bar at about 6.15 as we left later than the others, we were all together and i never heard anybody say anything nasty to the ppl in the union, students etc, we were all chatting to everyone, even older mika fans that were there, nobody came to us and said that we were being too loud, too drunk etc, and if we were that drunk the bar has a right to refuse us drinks! but nobody did! it's really made me mad as i never enjoyed the concert as much as i should have as i was feeling too guilty about the others not getting in!
  5. me too, it's as if someone has pinpointed us and decided that they didn't like us, it just doesn't make sense at all none of it does! and i can't understand why i was allowed in even though when they saw me with you guys etc it was NO! and we'd all drank roughly the same amount. When i said to the security man ok if i hadnt drank went to the venue and had 12pints would you make me leave and he said no! I tell you victimization comes to mind.
  6. exactly and if anybody was agressive it the security guy who in these exact words told me to f*ck off you're pi**ed go sell your tickets!! and why would he suddenly say you're too drunk then after making me wait 35mins in the pouring rain decide i wasn't drunk and i was allowed entry! something isn't right at all.
  7. thats absolute rubbish, i was refused entry as was my friend for apparantly being drunk along with all the others! however after sobbing for nearly an hour the security man let me in and said that i wasn't drunk and that i wasnt rude etc, i even made him go to the bar and check what i ordered, which was 2pints!! i was even talking to the bar staff and having a joke, we spoke to most ppl in the bar most of whom were mika fans! so to say that we were very drunk and abusive is a lie, nobody was abusive to any students, i never opened my mouth to argue, shout or anything, hence the reason why they let me in after listening to my story. And another thing when i spoke to mika about it he said what do you class as drunk then as i was fine and the bouncer said no that was a total mix up with the student union and us, which is bull sh*t.
  8. right guys i'm off to newcastle now so will see you all tomoro! my train gets in at 11.30 haha so look for me in the pub! can someone please give me a text or something if anything changes as wont be able to get online now! my number is 07999831018 (i know i shouldnt put it here but never mind oops!!) love to you all and see you tomoro :woot_jump: xxxx
  9. i can't sleep!! nearly 3am and i'm thinking about what to get, what to bring, what will happen, will i make the train, will we meet him! will my friend love you all like i do! sure she will but she's only ever been to one concert so its all new to her lol! i need sleep as im travelling to newcastle tomoro to see jason and staying over, then travelling back to Yarm, then getting train to Leeds! will be falling asleep! think i'll have a few games of penguin slap see if that makes me sleepy!! night all xxxx
  10. get some big pants from debenhams! hold u in and make you have a waist! although when i wore them i couldnt sit down haha! after a few drinks i didn't care anyway! xxxx
  11. haha oh god i'm being such a girl about all of this!! normally i don't care but this is MIKA we're talking about and i want to look nice when i meet him! ahem although last time i met him i do recall having about 4condoms stuck down my clevage! hehe:naughty:
  12. i don't know what to wear!! have tried a few outfits on but really don't know! hmmmmm can't pack too much either as i have to go straight to uni and don't fancy taking a mini suitcase with me haha! whats everyone else wearing? xxxx
  13. wooooooo can't believe how close it is! i still have a jason donovan concert to go to on sat night as well!! gotta love a bit of cheese haha!! then the party can begin:biggrin2: hope you get your voice back soon hayley!!! plenty of rest for you! xxxx
  14. haha same here Jodi! i think it will be a taxi for me!! i don't do walking, only when im really really drunk!! xxxx
  15. wooooooo i can't believe it's so soon!! i had a mika party last night, or should i say till 5am this morning haha! 6bottles of wine, 2crates of wine, bottle of vodka and about 100ciggies oops! but everyone had fun and danced all night and we had the who can do mika's kerching best!! can't wait to meet you all and party!!! xxxx
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