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  1. Welcome to the site! Lol that would be amazing to have Mika sing at your wedding!
  2. Yea so pretty much I think everyone agrees your user name is AMAZING:mf_lustslow: !! Lol its so original! Well welcome to the site!!
  3. Lol Michael Jackson is a wierd one....geat singer though! Well welcome to the site...Mika is AmaZING!!
  4. I agree the United States needs more MIKA!! I live in Oregon way over on the west coast! Just though I'd say welcome to the site!!
  5. [COLOR="Navy"]There are so many I could list, but some are...[/COLOR] [COLOR="Indigo"][LIST] [*]Rascal Flatts [*]Jason Mraz [*]John Mayer [*]Cobra Starship [*]Saving Jane [*]Ashley Parker Angel [/LIST][/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]That's just to name a few![/COLOR]
  6. That is so mean:thumbdown: But what can you do...it's one person's opinion! Look at all the fans he's got on here and there's prolly a ton more that just haven't found the site. But all I have to say is shame to him for dissing Mika.
  7. Well welcome to the site both of you!!
  8. Welcome to the site!! I'm form the US also..Oregon to be exact! Thought I'd send you some love from the west coast!
  9. Yea so Mika is amazing! Welcome to the site!
  10. Yea so only one of my friends loves Mika...all my other friends make fun of us for liking him!! But whatever they can all go listen to their crappy music!! YAY FOR MIKA!!
  11. Hey welcome from your neighbor from the north! That's right I'm from Oregon!! Lol yea that was random!! MIKA ROCKS MY SOX!!
  12. Yea I voted for Mika also....why wouldn't I??? All those other ppl aren't as amazing as MIKA!!
  13. Welcome to the club...it's gr8 to have more fans join!!
  14. A lot of my friends have said that Mika isn't that great. My mom said that she might have to download the cd on to her Ipod once I got it cause she thought he sounded amazing, which of course he does!! The people who I don't talk to don't have any idea who he is...but that's ok then they wont OVERPLAYhim on the radio or MTV!!
  15. Yea I was in the musical for my dance academy this summer it was AMAZING!!! That song is stuck in my head all the time now.
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