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  1. ohhhhh. all of the tickets are will call? that's odd. thank you for telling me that! i'm going to message them.
  2. Does anyone have or know of an extra ticket out there? My nursing school clinical that was keeping me from going to this show just got cancelled. I don't know for sure yet if i'll be able to go but I figured that figuring out if I could even get a ticket would be the place to start. I haven't missed a Chicago show yet and I'm dying that I'm not going to this one.... Anybody?
  3. i didn't. holy crap. just the presale is sold out right? the rest go on sale on friday? wow. i mean i'm not surprised but i wonder how many tickets were included in the presale. .... not going to panic. i just need a day to figure out my funds and a plan ahhh but i guess i'll just get them right at 10AM on friday.
  4. I haven't gotten the presale code email! Is there anyone who can send it to me? For the Chicago show! Pleaaaase
  5. random! I haven't been on the MFC in a while and I just got this random rush of Mika love and i'm freaking out and I just want to jump into my computer and dance around the MFC in conclusion: i'm really freaking excited for the new album. omg. I still love this place. I love Mika. When is he going to come to the US again ahhhH!!!
  6. Rufus' new album is FANTASTIC I really recommend it. It's a little more poppy than a lot of his other albums, and produced by Mark Ronson who is a genius. Bitter Tears is my favorite! I'm seeing him live on June 30th for the second time
  7. I'm very, very curious as to what the new band (if it's even gonna be like a band?) / tour experience is going to be like. It's obviously going to be a big change, especially after seeing Mika's reaction just now.... i'm so excited. hmmm what's happening!?
  8. Hi!! I know.... it feels good to be back! (these new Mika smileys are new since i've been here! so cute omg.)
  9. Hey guys! I haven't posted on here in forever, but I had to stop in when I heard this news! Of course my initial reaction was a little sad and disappointed, but... as long as Mika's not going anywhere i'm ok I have very fond memories of the band members since '07, and will continue to follow them via twitter and such, but I can't WAIT for Mika's new tour and album, and I trust that he knows what he's doing! It's him and his songwriting that I'm here for.
  10. just heard the news on twitter, hadn't talked to her in some time but she was a sweet, sweet girl. a great loss. Rest in peace <3
  11. hi guys haven't been here in forever but i've been seeing new interviews and stuff about the new album and I am sooo excited!
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