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  1. I expect people have seen/heard this already but I found this today http://www.999mixfm.com/media/517052/Mika+Interview Better than the average promo interview! And David Usher is FABulous
  2. Hi guys I have found out today that 2 of my (so-called) friends wont be able to come to Leeds next week. Is there anyone that would like to take the tickets off my hands? I paid £28 for them. If so PM me and we can sort something out. Cheers m'dears
  3. I saw this post and remembered the postman had just been. Nipped downstairs, opened post, FOUND TICKETS!!!!! YAYoYAY. gosh! how exciting
  4. welcome jo! this is a great place for chat about the main man. i too am married and a little in lust. not in a scary way obv! i've spent the weekend persuading my mother in law that she NEEDS to buy the album!!
  5. I need to play the album to more of my friends! I found myself telling the checkout guy in tescos to buy it cos its the best album for years. oops!
  6. I know!!! how upsetting is that! ruby is ok but its no grace kelly. looking on the bright side - maybe it hastens another single release??
  7. he certainly can sing. even more amazing live than on the album!!
  8. hi Sarah, welcome to the party! I too hail from the north east and am obsessed with mika. this is not helped by seeing him last night at the UNN gig. ho hum, more daydreaming!
  9. Hi there. Good to see I'm not the only newbie!! have fun hon
  10. Hey everybody, newbie here!! First heard Mika on Jo Whiley's show on Radio 1. Downloaded Grace kelly as soon as I could and bought the album first day it was out. Then had his Radio 2 session on permanent loop on the red button. Help me, doctor I think I'm obsessed!!! I have bought the album for my brother and sister, played it for my best friend and she's bought it. Seeing my in-laws next week and I'm gonna try and convert them. Somebody stop me!<!<! Got charity guest list tickets to see him 24 Feb in Newcastle. What a wonderful world it is Good to meet everyone, looking forward to sharing with ya soon