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  1. Hi ya As I drove to work this morning, I was SOOOO tired following a late night and early morning. I was on the verge of pulling over to the side of the road to have a nap as I didn't think I could continue my journey to work. Instead, I put on Mika's album and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I arrived at work wide awake and raring to go! The man is so fab, he should be prime minister. He's an angel with curly hair and I LOVE HIM!!! Just wanted to get that off my chest... Missing you all loads since changing my job as I can hardly ever post, but nice to pop in every now and again and see what you're up to. Love to everyone and take care Mika fans. Jonahwood xxxx:wink2:
  2. Aw Daisylou you are SO lucky and you had such a brill time. Yes, I'm jealous, but I'm also really pleased for you. FAB!!! Jonahwood xxx
  3. Hi all Has anyone noticed that the BP director who has resigned over his affair with another man is called Mr Brown(e)!!! Makes you wonder if Mika knew something before the rest of us! xxx:roftl:
  4. You tell your husband that you're sleeping in the spare room so as not to wake him when get up early the next morning, - only the REAL reason is that you've set your phone alarm to wake you at 1am so you can watch Transmission about Mika! x
  5. You are SO lucky to have spoken to him and thanks SO much for that brilliant news. Have to check the post every morning now! xx
  6. Blimey you lot, you're all so YOUNG! How do you think it feels to be 41 and feel like a kid when listening to Mika. It's FANTASTIC, (until you look in the mirror and remember you don't look quite the same on the OUTSIDE!!!) ha ha, love you all! xxx
  7. Hi ya Not sure if anyone else was bleary eyed in front of the box at 1am on monday morning, but I'd dreamt about a Mika special to be shown on Channel 4 and eventually it happened, but at such a stupid time. My video doesn't work so I had to make an excuse to my husband so I could sleep in the spare room and set my alarm to get up and watch!!! It was worth the effort though and he played a few songs and talked about what they were about etc. It also included the previous thing I'd seen about the making of the love today video. I was pretty confused cos he gave his reason for writing love today as being that he was really happy following a 'date'. Then the next morning on Freshly Squeezed, they showed him performing love today and spoke to him about why he wrote it and he said he'd done it when he was really happy having 'just left school'. So I'm not sure what's happened there. Whether you will be able to find anything on channel 4's '4OD' thing, I'm not sure because it's a facility where you can download programmes anytime, but not sure if that will be included. Good luck and it's worth looking for. xxx:wink2:
  8. My God Lauren, I dreamt about this!!! I honestly woke up the other morning having 'read' the TV pages in my dream and seen a programme about Mika on late one night but I couldn't work out when it was on!!! I'm a bit scared now (ha ha ha) xxx Thanks a lot xxx
  9. Hi all (probably put this in the wrong place again) On this morning's Freshly Squeezed (channel 4, 7.15am - but it's sometimes on at 7am) they said that Mika will be performing Love Today "next Friday". Now I'm not sure if that means this Friday or the 27th April, but either way it's something to watch out for!! Had the email this morning saying that Mika was going to be on Steve Wright yesterday, but I didn't hear it so not sure if it was actually on? Might be today instead. Love to you all xxxx:punk:
  10. Hi ya I don't think they're stored for more than a week but you should be able to listen to it later on today x
  11. Hi all (Sorry Sunny if I've posted this in the wrong place, I'm never sure which is right). Just to let you know that at the end of this week's popworld they said that Mika will be on next week. It's on Saturday morning and then repeated on Sunday morning (usually between 8 - 10am somewhere). Popworld definitely do seem to promote Mika as well as the Freshly Squeezed prog which is on each morning, so Ch4 is always worth a look! Happy viewing. xxx:mf_lustslow:
  12. I think you could be right! Someone else says that he doesn't even wear make-up, but if you look at the black and white pics of him in a white tee shirt (think my avatar is the same type) he's got loads of eye make up on (very sexy!) so who knows. She also says he's skinny which we've commented on, so you never know....! xx
  13. Ooh, I'm really pleased to be a part of this group and feel just a little proud! ha ha xxx
  14. Hi ya Not sure how many mixes you have to have to qualify but I'm a mixture of english, spanish romany and irish. I'd love to be a Mutt though and if you can take it in the other context (ie, doggies), I'm a dog psychologist and love pooches!!! Hope I can join. Off home from work in a mo so will pick this up tomorrow. Good night all. xxx
  15. Hi all. Did anyone see Mika showing the filming of Love Today vid on this morning's Freshly Squeezed on Channel 4? He was as charming as ever and it was really interesting to see how the video was made. Kept apologising for the fact that none of it really made sense or was relevant to the song! The bit where he puts the little girl in the cake and pulls out an 'older' lady was shown and he said that the lady is Rafa, his mum's friend who lost her eye in the bomb - you know, the lady who speaks at the beginning/end of Any Other World! Very interesting and great the way that he keeps his family etc involved in everything he does. He's so sweet, if it's on youtube anywhere or if anyone else knows a way to see it, it's worth a look but I'm not very technical minded I'm afraid! xxx:wink2:
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