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    In a bakery. It quite sucks actually.
  1. I am feeling guilty because I haven't spent time here since like January. kill me.
  2. anybody here? haven't been here in MONTHS!
  3. that makes me sad Hollis. btw I am in class and I left you a comment on myspace EHEHEH
  4. I Am Here. So Be Here. I Have A Date With My Crush Btw. Even If My Friend Will Be There Too. Ahah.
  5. awww I am so touched *wipes a tear* you're not french?! tu n'es pas française?! tu es quoi alors? ahahah anyways girls I gotta go to bed... hope to talk to you soon! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. je vais bien et toi ma petite française préférée? HEY JESS. IT IS NOT FUNNY OK. I AM NOT SILLY. I am an idiot
  7. I am quite great thx!! what about you??
  8. HI JESSSSSSSSS yeah well it does that a lot actually! it does not do that to you? I HAVEN'T SEEN THE ECLIPSE. I WAS TOO LATE.
  9. I Am Back Sorry it does not want to write in capitals btw
  10. PAULIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE I used to have dreams about him a LOT. ok so since I post a pic of Rufus everytime I go here let's not break the tradition. RUFUS WAINWRIGHT WE HAVE THE SAME EYE COLOR.
  12. I'll go to bed girls. but first to the fridge cause my belly's screaming. goodnight! was great to talk to you all tonight xxxxxxx
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