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  1. i never knew he had a daughter? do you have a pic of her?
  2. OMG! i have those socks that Mika has in the third pic!! :roftl:
  3. tomorrow i'm gonna get my hair done like mikas! :roftl: :roftl: i can't wait!
  4. i wonder if Mika has a girlfriend?
  5. w00t does anyone else have a funny vid of Mika?
  6. i love this hair its a sexy brown but if it were any other colour it would be black.
  7. mika is so cool. if i have another live after this i'm gonna hope its as mika.(prays to god) :naughty: :wub2: :roftl:
  8. 1. will you write more songs this year? 2. did you have a hard live? 3. were did you get you hair done? 4. what did you look like when you were a boy, and do you have any pics? 5. Are you 100% happy with all your songs? naughty. 1. can i have your number? 2. can i live with you? 3. are you looking for a girlfriend or do you have one?(if not i'll be you girlfriend!) 4. Do you like brunettes?(i'm one) 5. will YOU MARRY ME???(say yes!)
  9. tehe its so cool to see the funny side of mika! i love it!
  10. well if it was a girl it would look like the lollipop girl and i boy a mini mika i hope...
  11. did mika really start singing at the age of 11? WOW!
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFvAfIg3RKU&NR mika's a good little boy, he only stole a little bit and it it really bad to wear womens nickers? check it out click the link. its so funny!
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