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  1. YEES! I remember it too! OMG I have to find it! sooo that's a piercing!
  2. So sweet..<3 You're not stupid! I'm sure that most (if not all) things you wrote can be applied to all MIKA fans! me too obviously!
  3. I do it too sometimes.. it's like a way to avoid stress! eh eh eh! but what surprises me the most is that my mum did it before me! and I was like...WHAT??? she made me soooo happy that day!
  4. Uahahahahah! Mika with earrings?!?!? :roftl: BACK IN THE 80s? OMG I would love to see him with earrings! anyway I think it's a mole or a freckle..it would be a weird position!
  5. Aww...that's fantastic! can't wait to see it! thanx Mirtilla!I'm sure I would have missed it without you telling us!
  6. Oh..I LOVE TEA! My mum calls me "My little english girl" because I HAVE to drink tea or my afternoon wouldn't work! and in Italy you can't get a really good tea.. the one they do in bars is just awful so I drink tea only if I can do it personally..quite obsessed I have to say! Earl Grey...that's def my favourite one.
  7. I voted! for Mika of course. but this made me think for a while about the difference between those who I consider HOT men and the type of guy I consider my IDEAL man (only about physical aspect) Anyway...maybe Mika is not the hottest one to me but damn if he is hot! and he's my ideal man soo... BUT HOW CAN IT BE???? BRAD PITT IS AT 1st PLACE WITH 19% AND MIKA AT 9th PLACE WITH 4%?!?!? COME ON! Brad Pitt is handsome but...
  8. Nice thread! My Interpretation is really connected to my life,to my love life! Maybe the fact that Mika has never explained its meaning makes it more perfect to me. It makes me think of my boyfriend,of all "the things we left unsaid",of all the sadness and the pain that our breaking up caused me. It does make a lot of sense to me in fact. ...too hard to explain. You know,when you feel that there have been lots of missunderstandings and the only thing you can do is taking it in your own way and saying "this is my interpretation and I KNOW it don't make sense,but it don't have to make sense to you at all"...*sigh*
  9. Yeah...it's really annoying... it does not make sense.
  10. Oh dear...what can I do now? ...................................... MIKA or JOHNNY?... :blink: OMG what did I caught myself into? *thinks thinks thinks* I know you will hate me but...this is a tough situation! sigh..
  11. I totally agree with you. all this big talking about smokers...sometimes it just pisses me off. of course because I'm a smoker too but why do people have to give so easily judgements about the others? what's the matter? LIVE AND LET LIVE! if you know what I mean.
  12. Hello everybody!!! I've been sooo busy in the past few days that I couldn't find a moment to post in MFC...but I've been checking it everyday! *wonders who cares about her absence * Anyway...I logged in and this thread was the first one that came to my eyes! because we already discussed about this,didn't we? Mika..a smoker? mmh..dunno. looking at his teeth I would say NO but I know some people that have smoked since 2 years or so and their teeth are gorgeous so..that's not the clue. as for his voice...the beloved Freddie was a smoker but also an awesome singer. and as regards Mika's sentence about drugs...I interpreted it as "I don't because I'm already too crazy" too. ... maybe the point is the fact that he seems to need perfection in whatever he does so I would say NO,he doesn't smoke. but hey....who knows? personally I don't care about it. that wouldn't change my opinion of him!
  13. Awwww...LOVELY! the 5th one is...wow! thanx for posting!
  14. :naughty: maybe you expressed the thought of many girls (and boys too) ! I would simply say HI MIKA! it's a good way to begin a conversation,isn't it???
  15. Me and my friends are planning our holidays too so I understand you!!! evrybody wants to go to Italy??? omg I wished I could live in France or (better) in England!! does someone want me to sell him/her my italian nationality!?!?!?
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