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  1. Here's a snippet of Love Today. It came out pretty good. I always forget to try recording and then get home and kick myself. It's the only video I got and I think it was on video mode by accident! LOL
  2. You look absolutely stunning in that pink corset My big girl soul sister!
  3. Thanks for sharing. Awesome to watch it all over again. It was like I was there again. You didn't happen to get just the tiniest bit of "Big Girl" did ya??? Hoping....hoping...
  4. Here are a few of my pics. I have a lot of them to go through, I'll post more after the weekend. I just love this expression!
  5. If I can add to the big girl thing as well. It was so worth it to me, but I am a ham at times and love to be on stage so it was easy to go up there. If it hadn't been the second song, would I have missed the show for it? maybe not, but it was nice to come back to an assigned seat and not have to fight a GA crowd. I had a blast and was worth being squished and laced up and and as DaMango said, dancing around in underwear! Everyone was extremely sweet and nice and we got super extra lucky cus Mika just happened to walk by as we were taking a group shot of the 4 of us, I stepped back to let him go by since I was blocking the dressing area, and he put out his hand to me with a huge smile. He shook all our hands and got into the picture with us! Then we were very fortunate to get backstage passes. Yeah, I think it was worth it, LOL!
  6. I didn't think you were being b!tchy, I would have probably thought the same if I were in that position. I just wanted to let everyone know that there were some MFC peeps in that line too. Non of the golden ticket winners seemed to be club members. That's cool that we are big girl soul sisters LOL. That was just so MUCH FUN!!!!!! I am so glad that I got to have my moment. It could not have been more perfect, well, only if he had called us down off the platform to come dance with him! Still seeking pics or videos
  7. Kiwi, wish I had known it was you, you should have said something! Anyone that had a camera...I'm still seeking any and all pictures or video of Big girl...Please! Ask your friends and friends of friends!!!! The only one I can find on You tube has my end of the stage cut out!!!!!! Aww Rivers! Your pic came out great! It was great spending the day with you. Funny how the "strangerness" completely goes away and you forget that you really just met someone. I didn't realize you were in pain, I would have gladly let you go rest in my car. I have a pic of you and the pass, it came out really good. Would you like me to post it? If not, PM me and I can get your email to send it to you.
  8. His Mom came out earlier in the afternoon and my friend asked her how I could be a Big girl. Then when they came out early to the line to pick them, he told them that it was my life dream to be a big girl LOL!.
  9. The people that got the "one-on-one" meet and greets were the Golden ticket winners and the Big girls and the people with them. How do I know? I was one of them!!!!!!!! So if it's any consolation, there were some MFC people in that group! OMG! It was an amazing night. Long story short. I got to be a Big Girl! and then got backstage passes for the one-on-one meet. Everyone backstage was so nice. And I had a BLAST!! If anyone got pics or video of Big girl, please let me know. When I met him afterwards, he said he liked my Jacket, So I turned around and showed him the back and he said "that's amazing" and was running his hands over The rhinestones. He thanked me told me I did a great job up on stage ( I bet he says that to ALL the girls! lol) and I thanked him for letting me participate. What a night! I got home at 3:30am and I am kinda rummy today but was SOOOOO worth it! The front row debacle really was a poor decision on the venue's part. All of us thinking we had front row and then ending up in the 4th row! and they had those seats SO tightly crammed in, it was hard to even dance! But once Mika was singing, I kinda forgot all about it and just enjoyed every minute. We also got to spend the afternoon with Riverstwilight and we had so much fun bopping around town and had dinner together. They were talking to her, about being a big girl too but had more girls than costumes so they gave her a backstage pass instead. So even tho she was back a few rows, I think that she had a fantastic experience and meeting Mika made up for it! But I'll let her fill you in on her glory moment and all the details Trying to post some pictures but if it doesn't work, I think you can still link to them on facebook! I am still flying high this morning!!!!! p.s. I'm the one in the pink
  10. Thank goodness, no! It's POURING! When it rains.... it rains... especially in the NW! Leaving in about an hour!!!!!
  11. Safe travels!!! I can't believe it's this close!!! Ok, so someone tell me how I can be a "big girl"!! I wanna do it! I've lost a lot of weight (over 100 lbs) and next time Mika comes around I probably wont be big enough to be A BIG GIRL, LOL!!!!!! Since it isn't gen admission, there's not gonna be a line to wait in. So how do they choose? Whatever happens, I am SOOOOO looking forward to this show! I've had a stressful week and had my job cut to part time. This will be a great stress reliever! Look for me in my "Big girl' (my avitar) shirt and sparkly denim jacket! TWO MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Still working on my Jacket. I haven't run out of sequins and rhinestones yet! Here is phase two... http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/photo.php?pid=96968&id=1753419206
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