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  1. Umm Just poping in for a sec to share these videos with you Midway State lovers.
  2. Nono I have a piccy of you talking to Mika. Its just from the back but do you want it?!
  3. I only have a few videos and they're really shaky due to the Wiltern's No video policy so I had to pretend I wasn't filming! I'll try to put up what I have though soon!
  4. Wow..one of these days I'll actually find the time to read this whole thread, and post all my pics and vids. But here is something for now..
  5. 11pm?! that is so early! you need a place that stays open until at least 4am. have a drink for me too since I can't be there
  6. They were hanging around after both of the Mika gigs and chatting/taking pics! Maybe write to their myspace first and let them know you want to meet them after and maybe go for drinkies
  7. Wow, I love that red jacket, I want to borrow it!
  8. I've seen them 3 times, twice opening for Mika and then their own show at Barfly. But the first time doesn't count because it was at Newcastle and I was hoovering over the barrier thinking I was going to pass out because they took away my water at the door, so security had to bring me a cup of water! So I didn't even pay attention to the set. But in Brighton was where I reallllly started to like them!
  9. Aww that is cute! I wish I could go to another show
  10. Yeah they're all from that show! Karin, in your picture with rufio he's wearing that blue jacket and in one of andi's pics rocky is wearing that same jacket! I guess they share clothes
  11. Marianne I thought we were already friends on myspace?! Hmm well I'll send you a request!!
  12. Ok for Mirtilla and all you other closet Fez lovers..
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