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  1. ok way random... havnt been on in a while but guess what... im in keyboarding and this site isnt blocked!!! yay! now i can get mika all day long!!!!!!
  2. HA here; braces are what 12 yr olds wear on their teeth... i was extremely confused for a couple of minutes.... ....and yeah im def getting braces<33 [suspenders, not the metal that runs across teeth to straighten them:naughty: ]
  3. and by the way are there any Queen fans out there?
  4. rd my mind and mr. brightside... i love the video for rd my mind!!!
  5. its blocked for me....sry! well i just got my friend addicted...another MIKA fan is born.... yay! and i gg cause my mom is getting pissed that ive been on the comp. for so long g'nite
  6. i have some fresh from the price club!!! i would send you one but itd be stale by the time it got to you... but now i have the urge for a bluberry muffin, thnx!
  7. well there are no releases that im aware of here yet... except i think i heard "love me" on a commmercial but im not sure for what.... so you guys are so lucky that you hear him on the radio<3
  8. hey guys... whos singing w. mika in "happy ending"?
  9. omg i had the same question AND i totally agree with the whole obsessive thing
  10. hey from NY... and i heard mika yesterday on myspace music. i love him!!!! i went to the store and actually bought his cd... which i hardly ever do! and i have been on youtube and wikipedia all day finding out more about him and his music career!!! I cant wait to tell everyone my new favorite musiccccc
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